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Let me explain: I was REALLY REALLY bored and my friends were talking about listener audio stuff so I decided to write some listener scripts. Suddenly, the word YANDERE came up and I could not help myself.

BIG GIGANTIC HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Thank you to Cody ( for voicing my Yandere!Levi script! Gunna be honest: He is my headcanon voice for Levi so when he agreed to do this for me, I went bonkers fangirl style. GO GIVE HIM SOME WELL-DESERVED LOVE.

Corporal Levi - Cody (asklevivoice)
Script/Mix by Michaela Laws


Enjoy~~~ (Follow along with the audio with YOUR script~)


YOUR SITUATION: You and Corporal Levi are romantically together! YAY! HOWEVER, Levi has called you to his office to talk about your interaction with Eren at dinner. Things get heated with his obsession over you.

(You knock on Levi’s office door.)

State your name and business. (You state your name and say that he called you to his office. You hear him walk to the door and see him open it for you.) Enter. (You walk in, but after a few steps, you hear Levi close the door… and LOCK it.) Sit down. (You try to ask what’s going on, but Levi interrupts you.) I said. Sit down. Cadet. I merely locked the door so no one disturbs us.

(You do as you’re told and hear him walk up around you to stand in front of you to question you.)

Do you have any idea what you were doing, cadet? (You look up at him, confused at what he meant.) Don’t play dumb with me. What do you think you were doing with the brat? (You ask if he was referring to Eren.) Yes. The Brat, Eren. What were you doing with him? (You still don’t understand and you say so, causing him to give you a little.. chuckle.)

You don’t understand?.. Heh, then let me help you remember. In the mess hall, today, you sat with your squad as usual, instead of with me, which I clearly gave you orders to do now that we’re together. I was going to let that go, but then you had to go and do something stupid.

Tell me, who did you sit next to? (It… was… Eren.)

(Suddenly Levi leans in to whisper in your ear.) So, not only did you insult me by not sitting with me, you had the gall to sit by the brat and have a good ol’ time talking to him, huh?

(Levi suddenly tackles you to the floor, hovering above you.) You do realize that I am your commanding officer, right cadet? (You say “Yessir” like the good cadet you are.) Then, as your commanding officer, I command you to never interact with Eren Jaeger again. This goes for all the boys in your trainee squadron as well. I don’t want ANY of them remotely near you and if I find any hint that tells me otherwise… (Levi leans in and whispers in your ear once more.) I will not hesitate to lock you in this room and punish you.

(You question why.) Why? Because I care for you and want you to be safe. Those boys are just a pack of wolves, just waiting for you to be vulnerable and weak enough to strike. I’ve seen you at practice. Every time you pair up with any of them, they always manage to overpower you. I am making sure they don’t, since you’re mine. I won’t allow them to dirty you with their filthy hands.. I love you and will not let you be touched by ANYONE, even if that means locking you away in here where only I can interact with you.

Do you understand, cadet?

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